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The Staff

Andrea DiFiore — Wine Manager

Andrea hit the ground running when she joined Andover Liquors in January 2006. Her enthusiasm and an extensive knowledge of the wine industry has garnered her a huge following among Andover Liquor’s customers. A relentless passion and curiosity for wine has taken Andrea from Tuscany’s Chianti country to California’s Sonoma & Napa Valleys to Argentina’s Mendoza region, and points in between too numerous to mention. She completed the Wine Studies Certificate Program at Boston University, which included tastings and intense courses on varietals, regions, wine and food pairings, and the business of wine.

Lindsey Rudolph — Assistant Manager

As a ten-year veteran of the staff, Lindsey has worked her way up the ranks to Assistant Manager. The “accidental hedonist” of the group — Lindsey started out with a thirst for knowledge of wine (which the Boston University wine program thoroughly quenched) that soon spread to a love for a good beer and has slowly grown to encompass most spirits as well. Much to the amusement of her friends, she currently harbors a soft spot for a glass single malt Scotch. Though rarely seen in the store (she lurks behind the mirrored glass), Lindsey focuses her time on the Internet sales and email campaigns, along with day-to-day operations that make the business run smoothly.

Maggie Griset — Wine Consultant

Maggie joined the Andover Liquors team in September 2009, bringing a unique set of qualifications: A love of wine and avid desire to learn that earned her a spot on the wine staff; proficiency in the French language, which may account for her Maggie’s particular fondness of French wines; and  in particular a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Redlands has piqued her interest in biodynamic and organic wine-making.  Currently a student in the BU Wine Studies program, Maggie looks forward to continuously expanding her wine knowledge alongside our customers.

Deron Zambruno —  Beer Staff

Deron joined the Andover Liquors staff in September of 2009, bringing with him an extensive knowledge of beer and a budding curiosity of wine.  Having studied jounalism at UMass Amherst, and currently an English student at UMass Lowell, Deron hopes to use his interest in writing to share his passion for craft beer, and is always available to help customers who are interested in exploring the beer offerings on our shelves.

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  1. Annette Ullrich permalink
    April 20, 2010 10:53 pm

    love it!!! great information!

  2. Deborah Lang permalink
    April 21, 2010 12:55 am

    What a great blog! Full bodied and looking forward to trying some new wines!

  3. James F. permalink
    April 21, 2010 10:50 am

    Great blog! Great title! I look forward to checking in to see what’s new.

  4. Matt M. permalink
    April 28, 2010 10:11 pm

    Looks great guys. Keep up the great work!

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