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How the “Sangria Showdown” Went Down

July 30, 2011

Last weekend brought thrills and chills to Andover Liquors with the highly competitive (and delicious) “Sangria Showdown” on Saturday in which staff members (and bloggers) Andrea, Deron, Lindsey and Maggie went head-to-head pouring their favorite sangria recipes.  Our tasting panel, which was full of sangria enthusiasts and critics (aka many of our lovely customers),  cast their votes to decide whose sangria was tops.

The recipes were quite varied: Andrea poured a classic red wine sangria; Maggie introduced a white wine sangria with mango & mint; Lindsey brought a Rosé sangria to the table; and Deron invented an amazingly refreshing beer sangria (tasting is believing!)  Although all four sangrias were absolutely delicious and delightfully suited for this warm weather we’ve been having, there could only be one winner. The competition was tough and everyone was in the running until the end.

And the winner is………….Drumroll, please………………… ANDREA’S CLASSIC RED WINE SANGRIA!!!!!!!!!

The victory of the traditional recipe just goes to show that if the sangria aint broke, don’t try to fix it!

It is truly a beautiful recipe which, as Andrea herself points out, has been enjoyed by over one thousand people to date.  Count yourself among the lucky thousand and try a pitcher of Andrea’s Famous Sangria today!

You will need the following: Seasonal fruits,  red wine from Spain (Rioja), Grand Marnier, a Pitcher and ice. Allow the fruit to marinate over night in the Grand Marnier. Introduce the fruit-liquor to your wine about an hour prior to serving. Drink lots of it and enjoy!!!

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  1. Alise Herrera permalink
    August 6, 2011 11:13 am

    For those of us less risky – how much fruit and grand marnier? Wouldn’t want to waste my wine!

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