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When It’s Just Too Hot … This Rosé Saves the Day

July 29, 2011

Rogue heat wave! Although the worst of it seems to be over, if you’ve got AC (unlike me) batten the hatches and blast that cold air because the air outside is literally boiling with humidity.

Days like this (and yesterday, and the day before that, and probably tomorrow…) it gets very difficult for me to drink anything even remotely alcoholic without its being chilled to the core.  I have heard that you shouldn’t drink cold beverages when it’s hot out because it takes more energy and produces more heat to bring the temperature of the liquid up to your body’s temperature;  I don’t care.  When it’s this hot out I need an ice-cold drink!

Enter, this wonderfully refreshing day-saving rosé: 2010 Lieu-dit Cocagne Coteaux du Vendômois.   Grown and bottled in the Loire region of France, this year’s vintage is proving to be just as well-made and refreshing as the last and is a favorite rosé again this year.  It is made from 100% Pineau d’Aunis grapes, a somewhat obscure varietal h

ere in the States but one that comprises 35% of the vine plantings in Coteaux du Vendômois, Loire, France.

My frosty glass displays the most beautiful grapefruit, almost orange-crème, coral-pink color.  The nose is very pleasant and reminiscent of a grapefruit sitting in the sun on a wet slab of stone.  The delicate citrus notes on the nose are echoed in the mouth: a gentle–yet firm–touch of grapefruit backed by crisp minerality.

The main difference between this wine and grapefruit juice is its 13.5% alcohol content–and the distinct lack of the bitter edge characteristic of grapefruit juice.  And, to me, the acidity in this rosé is more well-integrated and smooth than that of your typical grapefruit juice, making it amazingly satisfying to sip.

For those interested, the French on the front label roughly translates as: “The pink flint terroir brings vivacity and tart elegance : the clay confers a fruity roundness.”

This is a seriously delicious and refreshing rosé for only $10.99, which sits well with me.  Last year we sold out of this rosé before I could blog about it… There are only a few bottles of this rosé left on the shelves at Andover Liquors, so hurry in to try a bottle before I buy them all!

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