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The Bitter Truth…

June 3, 2011

I’ve been ignoring you guys.

Big time.

Between hustling around at the store and busting my butt at home to get the back yard in shape for pool season–I’ve been pushing aside my duties here in the blog-o-sphere. By the time dinner’s been cooked and I’m done clearing the dishes–I’m lucky I can form a  thought about anything, let alone string together more than two coherent sentences about the yummy liquor treats that I’m currently imbibing.

My bad.

Sometimes, at the end of the day, all the strength you can muster goes into plopping your butt on the couch and pressing the pretty little buttons on the clicker. That’s life–and the bitter truth. Ugh.

Wait–who brought Debbie Downer to the party?

Oh…right. Me. Hello alter-ego! Enough with the grey skies and sadness…What makes me happy? Delicious adult beverages, of course! (did you think I was going to say puppies and rainbows? Pshaw…you clearly don’t know me well…)

I think by now you’ve figured out I have an affection for things of a bitter nature (see here and here for reference…) So what better to cut through the bitterness of reality than a drink with a bitter edge…

Hello Aperol!

Like aperitif bottlings of a similar nature, Aperol is a blend of “bitter and sweet oranges along with many other herbs and roots.” (Um…hello? Don’t these people know that secrets don’t make friends??) However–the liquid inside the bottle cannot be mistaken for anything else of a similar nature. It pours out a distinct neon pink/orange–not unlike the color of transluscent Coho Salmon (great reference, I know…)

By itself–Aperol tastes like a mild and smooth version of Peychaud’s or Underberg bitters…akin to sucking on a cinnamon stick dipped in sugar-water. It’s got that sweetness-but with a bone dry back-end (again…not the greatest reference…bout you get the picture, right?)

However–where Aperol really shines is a base for a cocktail. More specifically; the Aperol Sour. A fanstasmic blend of sweet, sour and bitter…this drink is the perfect end to a crummy day.

2 parts Aperol
1 part lemon juice
1/2 part sugar syrup
Shake with ice and pour into a juice glass with plenty of ice cubes; decorate with a slice of orange

Total refreshment.

And you know what? Without the bitter–the end result wouldn’t be as sweet.

Now ain’ t that the (bitter) truth.


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