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Hidden Gems: Peeper Ale

February 8, 2011

Anyone can make beer. It’s pretty much just hops, yeast, malt, and water. What sets craft beer apart is not only the size of the brewery or the quality of the beer it produces, but also the genuine thought and effort that goes into every aspect of the brewing process. Perhaps the greatest result of this earnest attention to detail is the trend among most craft brewers of focusing on the environmental impact of their businesses, with a heavy emphasis on organic ingredients and sustainable practices.

The Maine Brewing Company, based in Portland, has taken this concept to heart, producing excellent beers while being mindful of the environment. Their slogan (“Do what’s right”) says it all, as they use 100% wind power for their electricity needs, and donate all used grain, yeast, and grain bags to local farmers. They are also a member of the “1% for the planet” program, in which they donate 1% of all sales to environmental non-profits. And, on top of all this do-goodery, they make some great beer.

Their Peeper Ale uses all American hops for a beer that has a clean, hoppy flavor which is nicely blended with a distinct malt backbone. With it’s cloudy, golden amber color and it’s robust hoppiness it can be compared to a well-balanced IPA, with lingering flavors of citrus, pine, and an appealing minty bitterness. At 5.5% abv, it’s a refreshing, clean-tasting brew with a lot going on in terms of flavor, yet it remains very subdued and easy to drink. So enjoy, and rest easy in the knowledge that you’re supporting a company that has it’s head in the right place.

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  1. Maggie permalink
    February 8, 2011 7:54 pm

    Yay Peeper Ale!!! This beer would have fit right into my “I Break for Beer” post… There’s nothing more refreshing than a delicious beer made in an environmentally conscious way!


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