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It Pays to Get Involved!!

October 15, 2010

Interested in great wines? Original mixed drink recipes? Wondering what’s new and exciting in the world of craft beer? We’ve got you covered. With contributions from people who know what they’re talking about, our blog is meant to turn people on to things they might not normally come across, and to prompt discussion about what’s great about wine, liquor and beer.   

As much fun as we have sharing our discoveries with you, our customers, we’d really like to hear more from you. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from people, but we want to encourage everyone to get in on the discussion. Have you enjoyed something that we’ve recommended? Disagree with something we’ve written? Let us know!

To encourage more people to get involved, we’ve decided to offer you some incentive. Every month, we will pick what we think is the best comment on our blog, and that person will receive a gift certificate redeemable at Andover Liquors. So don’t be shy, we really do want to hear from you. Even if you disagree with us, it’s your criticism that makes us better. Get involved today, and you may learn something (or drop some knowledge on us, it’s really up to you). 

A winner will be chosen by us, at the end of each month…so get your comment on!

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