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Sauv Blanc on my shoooooulder makes me happyyyyyyyyyyy!

August 28, 2010

– er, sunshine, I meant to say sunshine.

So, since Sunday it’s been raining! Yep, straight through Thursday, we got a peek at the looming Boston fall weather. Don’t get me wrong, I love the change of seasons. Who doesn’t enjoy a new pair of knit gloves, knee-high boots, warm spicy drinks, cozy sweaters and the crunch of the leaves…. well, the calendar still reads “August” from where I’m looking, so imagine my contentment when the weather got it’s act together this Friday! Between jobs and a twenty-minute nap, I tasted a new Sauvignon Blanc that we just got in stock and I was pleasantly surprised by how un-Sauvignon Blanc it seemed! The juice is from Marlborough, New Zealand, current reigning Sauv Blanc capital of the world, but quite often those wines taste incredibly similar to me despite the vast efforts attempted by wine makers. Lime, green herbal notes, grapefruit… pretty yummy flavors, but kinda cookie-cutter in my opinion. To be honest, I stopped drinking New World style Sauvignon Blanc until I tasted Kim Crawford two years back. It wasn’t as main stream a few years ago…

Petit Clos ... I don't have a backyard

Anyway. Petit Clos is a Sauvignon Blanc from the Sancerre producer, Domaine Henri Bourgeois. Immediately, I see a French producer sticking his hands in New Zealand’s business and I’m thrilled about it! Clos Henri is the Marlborough vineyard where Petit Clos is crafted and modeled after Sancerre Sauv Blancs. 

 The idea is, of course, to exemplify terroir. Kinda what the French like to do. My experience with this wine – again while enjoying a salad and a moment outside in my cement yard :C – still included those tried ‘n’ true green fresh herbs, limey aromas that everyone who knows Sauvignon Blanc is familiar with, but there was something more. It tasted bright and acidic at first but the ending finish almost had a spritz-like quality. As the wine warmed, the wine had a distinct viscosity about it as well as a pleasant fatness. Much of the time, SBs are very clean and fresh. This wine was definitely refreshing but the fatty, apricot-like richness showcased how just because it’s from New Zealand, it doesn’t have to fit that mold. Sitting pretty at 13.5% alc, Petit Clos was a fuzzy and pleasant way to chill out for a minute before rushing off to get ready for job #2.

Oh, I made myself another stinky cheese and apple salad, thinking that might pair with the Petit Clos as the Versi Bianco had…. negative.

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