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It’s a matter of personal taste…

August 23, 2010

For the record, while I am from  Seattle, that in no way means I excuse summer rain. Quite the contrary! I moved away in 2005 to escape the dull, gray skies that drown Seattle locals and make us wear plaid and create coffee art. You’re welcome for Kurt Cobain BTW. So, it’s a yucky day here in Medford, MA, and I had finished all my chores: cleaned the room, went to spinning, got something for my boyfriend to eat throughout the week, wrote a saucy blog about my roommate’s girlfriend… the usual. Then I realized that by god, if it wasn’t 2:30pm! That meant it was time for lunch and a glass of wine – my glasses ain’t your mama’s 6 oz pour, people!


Versi Bianco and my awesome lunch

So, we just got in a couple new white wines for your tasting pleasure. I am going to mention a few tasting notes for this white from Italy. Sicilia produces this bangin’ wine called “Versi Bianco“, comprised of indigenous Italian grapes. I kinda do thing “ngg” thing with the “Biaaaanc-o” part of the word. Think of hitting the back of your throat like you’re hocking a loogie.  I like Italian… ‘specially after watching Eat, Pray, Love! I made a batch of pasta with red wine sauce and my god! Anyway, the 2009 Versi Biaaaaanc-o is a fantastic Italian wine that lifted my gray spirits on the very dull raining MONDAY. I stinkin’ abhor Mondays.

Pale hay-yellow in color riiiiiiiight out to the rim, this fresh wine smells of white blossoms or maybe an orange tree juuuuust after bud break. I kinda got a hint of fatness or maybe nut oil from the nose. Versi Bianco doesn’t see any time in oak but something was up with that smell! Herbs, citrus spice and something fatty.

: shrugs:  It smells like a million bucks, minus the dirty hands.

In my first sip, I try to ignore the flavors and focus on the feel of the palate. This isn’t a novel tasting method and I read it in a book somewhere. It’s a great way to see if a wine will go with food or not in my opinion. Versi Bianco is zesty with catching minerality and acidity. Not like a Sauvignon Blanc and not typical like a Pinot Grigio, just catching. After I started my second sip and actually paid attention to flavors, I noticed more of a zesty richness, some fresh apple spice, pleasant citrus notes and very supple fruit flavors. Often, acidity and sour/salty flavors are considered synonymous. But the acidity here in this wine was more “zesty”. Like less green fresh grass and more pleasant fruity crispness. The roundness of the fruit characteristics kinda threw me off because the wine definitely has a rich quality about it while seeing no time in oak and being fairly acidity. It’s a real trick to pin down!

I concluded my tasting by munching on a fresh goat cheese salad with craisins, walnuts and a light balsamic vinaigrette. The lettuce portion was that wild, weed looking stuff that has some bitterness to it, but the fruity lushness of the wine really grabbed that bitterness away from your mouth. The goat cheese, of course, was delicious with the Versi Bianco as were the walnuts. It was a fantastic, savory meal that would have been further perfected by some SUN!

Thanks, Monday.

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