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My sangria’s like WHHHAT?

July 10, 2010

Regardless of the current weather report, sangria is the summer sizzler to cool off a hot day’s heat… (small voice is saying, “along with rose, Drifter PA, gin and Q….” Enough!) This Saturday even though there was a thunderstorm hanging right over Andover Liquors, we entertained ourselves by offering libations to whom ever wandered in and dripped on our floors. It seems like everyone it familiar with sangria (if you aren’t familiar, I suppose you don’t get out much because right now every restaurant regardless of their cuisine, is offering a sangria pitcher). Andrea came up with a sangria recipe of her own and we sampled it alongside the customers.

This ain’t your grandmother’s family recipe either, kids. See, Andrea doesn’t mess around and I’m a big fan of the liquor, so I didn’t disagree when she suggested adding Grand Marnier to the juice. The restaurant I work at makes their own sangria too. HOWEVER, their sangria comes from the typical, coca cola American dripping sugar recipe and becomes glorified soda-juice. No thanks. Also, for the self-appointed sangria “purists” out among you – what the heck is a sangria purist? – you might wanna try this sangria before you knock it because just throwing fruit into bad red wine doesn’t always make for a good drink. Seriously, WHAT is a sangria purist? Well, apparently there are two resident sangria purists in our fair city. Good for us? Come on people! It’s table wine with fresh fruit, HOW is that a snooty drink? I’m just amazed…

Regardless, many people enjoyed the no sugar approach that we took to our sangria. I mean, we basically made our own fortified wine without the running of the Douro or rain water infiltration! Red table wine, Grand Marnier, Fresh fruit, ice. SIMPLE. Some guy came in and made a bold, visually appealing comparison of my sangria to restaurant batches of sangria.

“If your sangria is Angelina Jolie, then restaurant sangria has to be Paris Hilton or something. This stuff is great!”

… if you aren’t aware, I love Angelina Jolie circa Lara Croft era so much that I received a life-sized cardboard cut out of her for Christmas about five years back. Yea, it was that bad. So, this juxtaposition pretty much made my life! Power to the fortified sangria!

Staff Recipe

You will need the following: Seasonal fruits, sugar (don’t do it!), wine from Spain (red or white), Grand Marnier, a Pitcher and ice. Allow the fruit to marinate over night in the Grand Marnier. Introduce the fruit-liquor to your wine about an hour prior to serving. Drink lots of this.

Looking for something different? Try these recipies created by our other staff memebers…

Sangria Switch-up: ~White Sangria with Mango and Mint~

Sangria Switch-up: ~Very Berry Pink Sangria~ 

Beer Sangria

Happy Drinking!! 

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  1. daviduffy permalink
    July 16, 2010 1:41 pm

    MMM.. big fan of this recipe!


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