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If I need to drink more, so do you!

June 25, 2010

At the beginning of this week, I met with the wine professor at Le Cordon Bleu to pick her brain about a few things. After seeing her extensive array of wine notes from the various classes that got her to where she is now (not only a sommelier but a teacher at one of the most prestigious culinary school in America. Not a big deal…) I deduced one thing: I NEED TO DRINK MORE WINE!

I had this ridiculous idea that maybe I would “cut back” a bit this week after my weekend of beverage merriment (remember that Boston Beer Fest post?). However, it really seems that I cannot afford to take a week off of tasting. 

I mean, wouldn't you?

 Here’s where I have finagled a little compromise with myself: If I just taste the wines and don’t finish the bottle, I’m not really drinking. So! This week, well… no, for the last two days, I have sampled four whites from France. In addition to taking thorough notes, I’m also checking out library books about wine and nabbing Andrea’s books from her collection.

See? This isn’t nearly as bad as just going to a bar and pounding down a few delicious beers…. beeeeeeer :slaps face:

But how much longer can I keep up coming home from a long day of working two jobs and successfully taste on a tired palate? So, yesterday I tasted around 11am. No, I did not pour a full glass afterward! Lemme just fill you in on some of the wines I enjoyed yesterday.

“Le Pre Fleuri” a Chardonnay by Serge Batard. Lots of warm almonds, kinda tropical fruits and fleshy pineapple. This chard still had an aspect of minerality to it, how very French! Also, the oaking was pleasant – nothing American by any means. I started getting coconut as the wine warmed up! That was interesting.

“Triennes” a Viognier by Sainte Fleur. I was a little apprehensive about this Viognier because as my palate has changed, I really can’t stand overly syrupy wines. And sometimes Viognier is just a bomb of apricot jelly. Ew.

Drink this wine!

However, this little number had minerality, smooth apricot and maybe even a bit of apple. It was crisp and refreshing and even seemed to have some orange zest happening somewhere along the palate.

Chapoutier Belleruchee a little white Cotes du Rhone. Very refreshing and I wished I had opened this one after my long day of work as opposed to the lightly oaked chardonnay! Crisp and similar to a French chardonnay with that bright acidity and such. Something limey as well. Just a refreshing treat.

Also, while I’ve got your attention, do yourself a favor and try my new favorite white wine from the Languedoc: Cote Est Blanco. It’s so light and fruity with some lavender and definitely zesty! I like zest… reminds me of soda, which I never drink anymore.

All of these wines are under $16. I can’t afford ($$$) to taste all the time, but with my current goals of reaching somm hood loom around me, I can’t afford not to taste several wines daily for flavor memory and terrior distinction… among other things.

What’s your excuse?

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