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Beverage blender!

June 23, 2010

So, I study wine, I read about wine, I drink wine.. WINE! But every now and then, I’m under the firm belief that a fragrant, hoppy beverage is in order. Enter the American Craft Beer Fest… drunken merriment insues! So, before I hit the brick wall of GO TO BED, I tasted some truly amazing beers! One of my favorites was from Allagash, the brewing company that opened my eyes to Belgium beers. Allagash is a funky brewery that exercises new ways to influence their beers: varying recipes, different yeast strains… the addition of wine.

Oh sure! Cab Franc to be exact. My favorite Cab Franc comes from Buty Winery in Washington and is sold exclusively to the Canlis restaurant in Seattle. The ONLY reason I have ever tasted this $100 bottle of juice is because I worked a week or so on the Walla Walla vineyards. Regardless, I absolutely LOVE Cab Franc. Interestingly enough, I also love Allagash beers. Hellllllo beverage blender! I sauntered up to the Allagash table at the overcrowded Seaport World Trade Center and had myself a swig of this beer that seemed to be receiving NO attention at all. I asked what it was and the dude said,

“It’s Victoria inspired ale mixed with Cabernet Franc instead of Chardonnay. It’s medium bodied and has a little spice to it.”

I’m so glad that my taste buds weren’t three sheets to the wind yet because this beer made my life. Thank you SO much, Allagash, for combining my two favorite kinds of bevys into ONE. My one caution to you beer fans: this puppy sits at a hefty 9% ABV and you can DEFINITELY tell. It’s ridiculously delicious but a deadly little treat nonetheless. Think spice, earth, wine like, malty and savory. I literally cannot believe I’ve never tried this before the Beer Fest.

I repent! Pour me another glass, bar wench!

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