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Canned Craft

June 15, 2010

It’s no secret around Andover Liquors that I am excited about the trend currently emerging among craft breweries of releasing their brews in twelve oz. aluminum cans…

Headed to the beach, barbecue or late-night bonfire? Grab a convenient, compact twelve pack of your favorite craft brew and enjoy yourself (without getting in trouble for having glass on the beach)!

From Harpoon Summer & IPA to Blue Moon, from Anderson Valley Brewing Co. to Oskar Blues, and from Dale’s Pale Ale to Butternuts all kinds of beers are popping up in cans all over our shelves… and I’m loving it!

Apparently cans are outfitted with a lining preventing the aluminum from interacting with the liquid inside… which, in turn, means that metallic can taste must only come from lip contact with the top of the can, and can be avoided by simply using a solo cup!

Not only are cans more convenient (and beach friendly), they are actually reported to do a better job preserving our favorite brews than the beloved bottle!

That’s right, bottle snobs… aluminum cans will help ensure our future access to always-fresh, if obscure, craft beer.

Finally, the can has purpose!  Direction in this mad world in which we sit and sip.

So drink up, me hearty! Enjoy every drop of summer.

Stock up on cans of your favorite craft brew (I’m trying New England Brewing Company’s Sea Hag IPA!), drink wisely, and be merry!


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