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Don’t know howda act…

June 12, 2010

Even though we all have to bust our butts to put a Grand Tasting together, in my opinion the end result is a real treat. I get to taste wines I couldn’t normally afford, would even think to try or knew about, and that just makes the whole process worthwhile. Um… but I have one major gripe though and since I’ve kinda noticed a trend of behavior over the last three Grand Tasting, I’m gonna pull a soap box moment.

When you attend a free wine tasting wherein you sample over 75 wines (again, for FREE), a shift in attitude is required. I’ve gone to a tasting before where I had to pay SEVENTY DOLLARS for a three hour session. It was over crowded, overrated and Hobb Nobb was the focal point. So, not high end at all. Whatever, I did have an okay time since I was there with friends and of course, drinking! But at Andover Liquors, we do NOT charge a tasting fee and for that, attendees should be grateful. Many people who come to taste truly enjoy themselves, take advantage of the fantastic savings and appreciate their wine experience. Our tastings are definitely designed for these kinds of patrons.

But there are always that select thirty people or so who just come to take advantage, period. Hey, it’s a free tasting, let’s just get drunk! Maybe that’s what they do up in Boston but not here in Andover. No, here you come, you taste, you like, YOU BUY. REALLY!? you didn’t like ANYTHING you gulped down over the last three hours?! 15 yard penalty for faulty play. If you’re like me, you quite possibly enjoyed several things but even with the 20% discount, ya couldn’t buy up three cases. That’s not what I’m complaining about at all. I’m saying just buy something to give back to the store that just put together a bangin’ tasting that you attended for free.

Oh, and that guy pouring your wine didn’t actually make the wine, so if you tell him the wine sucks, he really can’t fix it for you. Plus, what would you do if he came into your job and told you the project you were working on or the business you were a part of just totally blows? You might feel a little angst towards that individual and you probably wouldn’t want to deal with them ever again. Loose the sense of entitlement, please,  because isn’t this the fifth table you’ve been to today? Yea, so you’re probably buzzing and in no position to evaluate wine on a vocal, critical manner. Shhhhhh. I didn’t like every wine at the tasting, but who cares. DON’T BUY THAT ONE. Oh but wait, you weren’t going to buy anything today anyways.

Sheesh. It’s not like we worked crazy hard to make the Grand Tasting awesome or anything.

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  1. David permalink
    June 13, 2010 7:45 am

    A client that seriously complains about a wine (or wines!) to the importer at a free tasting is rube. It’s that simple. There is a very, very limited situation that I would ask a client to leave, if they are “poisoning” the (free!) event with their constant complaining, would qualify.
    I certainly hope that the cartoon quote was fiction.

  2. Catie permalink
    June 13, 2010 8:35 am

    I know you can’t see me, but I am applauding you!!! Rude people suck!

  3. Andrew Mitchell permalink
    June 16, 2010 4:54 pm

    Well said. Pony up $12 and sample a whole, entire bottle.

    I would’ve added this: Leave the kids with a babysitter.

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