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Let’s have a drink…poolside.

May 27, 2010


And not like it’s totally unheard of to get this hot in Mass…it’s just that it was only 50 degrees last week.  It’s always a bit of a shock to the system when the temperature jumps 40 degrees in the span of seven days.  So, what does this ungodly, sticky heat remind me of ?  Bermuda…in July.  Talk about hot.  My elbows are perspiring just thinking about it…

This hot, hot, heat also gets me thinking about drinking tasty concoctions, poolside (or beachside…your choice.)  I did have the pleasure of taking a trip to Bermuda (in July) a few years ago.  I was “hired” (re; free trip to Bermuda) to babysit 8 children…under the age of 12.  Or maybe it was 12 children under the age of 8?  I dunno, I think I may have been a bit traumatized and mentally blocked out some of the trip.  Beautiful scenery, pink sands, amazing food, incredibly attentive hotel staff, and mopeds zipping by on winding roads.  Regardless of all that…by the end of the day I needed a drink.  What the heck was I thinking? ( Maybe this is why I haven’t resolved my feelings on having children…hmmm?)  

Anyways, this gross weather clearly reminds me of my time in Bermuda (in July)and subsequently, their “national drink;”  The Dark ‘n’ Stormy (and thankfully, not the part with the children.)  Every late afternoon, before dinner, I would trudge back to my room–often with the scent of sandy baby diapers still in my nose and screaming children resonating in my brain.  (Seriously, what was I thinking?)  The best part of my day was awaiting me–right there in the mini bar.  A bottle of Goslings rum & cans of Barritts Ginger beer lined up in a row like little soldiers, awaiting my orders.  (Get in my belly…on the double! Hop to, chop chop!)  Nothing like a Dark ‘n’ Stormy to soothe frayed nerves and awaken the psyche (and palate.)

Weather like the past two days screams “Dark ‘n’ Stormy!”  I find even the lightest of beers can get too heavy, juice based drinks can often get too sweet, and bourbon or scotch is totally out of the question.  The dark rum throws just enough brown sugar sweetness in with the spicy, bubbly and clean ginger flavor.  Add a squeeze of lime and BINGO!  Instant refreshment.

Howevever…I’ve recently made an adjustment to this oh so popular refreshment. 

I call it; The Dark ‘n’ Kraken (duh, da, duhhmmn)

Whilst perusing the selves at the store, I noticed this new rum sitting on the shelf.  Simply called “The Kraken;”  A black spiced rum.  It’s a cool looking bottle too…clearly I was sold (hello impulse purchase!  Are you starting to notice a trend in my buying habits?)  Now, I’m not really a big rum drinker–Dark ‘n’ Stormys & Mojitos are about the only rum drinks I make…so I went with the obvious choice.  I swapped out the traditional Gosling’s for The Kraken.  What a huge difference!  The Kraken adds a mocha/espresso quality to the drink, and ultimately a depth of flavor that Gosling’s doesn’t possess.  Now, it’s not to say I don’t like the original…it’s just a totally different animal (or beast…shall I say?) with the Kraken rum.

The Dark ‘n’ Kraken

  1.  Fill a rocks glass with ice
  2. Add two ounces of Kraken Black Spiced Rum
  3. Top with Ginger Beer (preferably Bermudian, not Jamaican)
  4. Garnish with a slice of lime and a sprig of mint

I know I have enjoyed a few of these over the past few days…especially out by the pool.  With a beautiful weekend coming up, you should give this cocktail a shot.  Now, if only my backyard looked like Bermuda (without the kids, of course…)  Oh yeah…a pool boy would be nice too. 

Any volunteers??

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  1. Maggie permalink
    May 27, 2010 7:42 pm

    I’m no boy, but I’ll still be your pool “boy” if you let me drink by your pool…!

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