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It’s all about the pink (wine)

May 17, 2010

This is rosé weather – My favorite time of the year. Rosé, in my opinion, is a red wine drinker’s heaven.  Rosé is made from red wine grapes – they let the juice sit on the skins to extract that pretty pink color. Some rosés can pick up a bit of tannin from this process of maceration — just like a red wine does. 

My rule of thought is; when the lilacs are in full bloom its time to drink rosé!  So I cracked open my favorite bottle last night, Domaine Richou “L ‘R d’Anjou.”  

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When I went to the Loire this past winter, we went to the Domaine Richou estate in Anjou.  That’s when I first tasted this rosé, it was just incredible…and it’s made from Cabernet Franc grapes. It was my favorite wine from the entire trip!  So, since it’s beautiful out today (again!) go sit in your backyard today and enjoy this treat… 

It has highly fruity nose. Full of character and freshness so bright and yet complex, with floral and ripe fruit notes.  The mouth is just explosive with fruit. So tasty – a must try – maybe I’ll enjoy another glass tonight!

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