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I don’t have the dough to travel, so…

April 29, 2010

Well, I’m currently saving my pennies for things OTHER than wine swirling in Europe… maybe next year. Until then, I’ve had to substitute travel for an alternative: Enjoying bottles from different appellations within a specific region. So, like… a wine from Andover and a wine from Boston. Both cities are in MA, but a few miles apart. 27 miles to be exact, or at least that’s from my house to my job!

For your consideration: Fontezoppa Verdicchio di Matelica and Argiolas Costamolino Vermentino di Sardegna. I’ve been recently interested in Italy’s white wine selection apart from the infamous Pinot Grigio. Italy has a ton of other whites for you Pinot Grigio fans. So seriously, drink something else.

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I had Argiolas on Sunday while doing some late night wine studying and Fontezoppa on Tuesday after work. Argiolas was a huge surprise to me! After pulling an Eve and offering some vino to my boyfriend, we became engrossed with concept of “viscosity” in regards to wine. We deduced that how a wine lingers and hangs out around the sides of your mouth must have something to do with viscosity. In any case, the Vermentino was a delightful conclusion to my night with its zesty green acidity. It wasn’t effervescent necessarily, but there was something ALIVE about this wine that I don’t usually experienced with other, non-sparkling whites. Somethin’ new to try, for sure!

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The Verdicchio was more my style, highly aromatic, rich and kinda gave my mouth a hug! It smelled so tropical, I thought of going to Hawaii with my folks back in the day. My brother, David, found a sea turtle and tried to ride it around the beach. (Mom wasn’t too keen on the whole idea.) Regardless, have you ever had a pineapple STRAIGHT from Hawaii? No shipping, no frozen airplane rides, REAL pineapple. It tastes almost over-ripe, but it isn’t, it’s just fresh. That’s what this Verdicchio was like in my opinion: fresh, intense and supple.

THAT DOES IT! I’m going to Hawaii… then Italy, of course.

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