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Earth Day

April 22, 2010

It being Earth Day and my having graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies, I want to throw a shout out to the mighty power of the reusable bag.

Everyday we burn through paper bag after paper bag to keep our beverage purchases safe on the way home.  The amount of resources necessary to keep this paper stream flowing are staggering.

In an effort to help protect these natural resources and our national heritage, Americans are gradually welcoming reusable bags into their grocery shopping habits.

If we could all consider bringing a reusable bag or two whenever and wherever we go shopping (even at the liquor store) we would boost our sustainability as a country and an economy significantly.

At Andover Liquors, BYOB has a new meaning… Bring Your Own Bag!

We sell reusable six bottle bags at the store for wine and spirits, and traditional grocery bags are a perfect fit for a few six packs!

It takes just a little while to get into the swing of remembering your reusable bags and the preservation of our earth’s finite resources more than makes up for the adjustment. We must evolve our habits to reflect our changing world.

Thanks for listening to the sermon!

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